Facial Expressions

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Touching The Forehead

Touching The Forehead is a body movement that is intended to get the arouse a mental process.

Touching The Forehead - Facial Expressions

Locked Fingers And A Direct Staring

Locked Fingers And A Direct Staring represent a doubtful position.

Locked Fingers And A Direct Staring makes you feel like you are being judged..

Locked Fingers And A Direct Staring

Hiding The Mouth

Body movement of Hiding The Mouth, as if not letting to truth out to the open air. this explicit hiding movement can create in other people an impression of distrusts.

Hiding The Mouth

A Woman Hiding Her Mouth

When you see A Woman Hiding Her Mouth, you should begin suspecting.

A Woman Hiding Her Mouth

Sign Language

Sign language is composed of hand movements, facial expressions and body movements without using any form of verbal communication.


Facial Expressions

body language is one of the major ways in which we communicate with our surroundings.


Looking Up

Looking Up dominantly is usually related to an attitude of authority figures, which might make us feel afraid and even admiration.

Looking Up

Direction Of The Eyes

Direction Of The Eyes, in relation to body language, can represent different feelings, thoughts, lies, intimacy, openness etc.

Looking Directions

Body Language Of Men And Women

Body language can be different for persons, cultures and even genders. body language of women is completely different from the body language of men.


Israeli Body Language

Cultures differ in language, food, beliefs and body language. body language and sign language in one culture can be understood by a foreign culture in a different way altogether.


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