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Rubbing The Nose

Rubbing The Nose symbolizes doubt and suspicion, yet it might even represent a certain inner tension.

Rubbing The Nose - Liars - Body Language Of Liars

Pulling The Collar

Pulling The Collar signifies an emotional tension, discomfort and often it is a sign of telling a lie.

Pulling The Collar - Body Movement Of lying

A Woman Hiding Her Mouth

When you see A Woman Hiding Her Mouth, you should begin suspecting.

A Woman Hiding Her Mouth

Body Movement Of Scratching The Neck

This movement can be  sign of stress, maybe as a result of lack of confidence during a conversation or while lying.

Scratching The Neck

Looking Down And Away

Looking Down And Away is a body movement that represents surrender and lack of confidence.

Looking Down And Away

Touching The Nose With a Straight Finger

Touching The Nose With a Straight Finger is a body movement that usually happens when there is doubt about something.


Rubbing The Eye

Rubbing The Eye means discomfort or disagreement with what being said.

Rubbing The Eye

Cleaning Dust From Clothes

A woman who is Cleaning Dust From Clothes, or pretendng to remove fibers from her clothes, is not so interested in you or what you are saying.

Cleaning Dust From Clothes

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