Self Touching

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Stroking an Imaginary Beard

Often you can see in movies and tv shows old man with beards who scratch it, while they are giving themselves a couple minutes more to arrange their thoughts.

Stroking The Beard

Playing With The Hair

Playing With The Hair is a common body movement, with which a woman can display herself in a different light.

Playing With The Hair

Playing With a Ring

Certain body movements, such as Playing With a Ring, a cellular phone or coins can represent boredom, nervousness or disrespect.

Physical Attraction - Playing With The Ring

Stroking A Glass

Body movements of stroking objects in general, and stroking a glass in particular, represents a feeling of sexual attraction, and in fact these body movements are intended to creat

Stroking Objects - A Glass Of Wine

Playing With a Straw

Playing With a Straw, or stroking the glass, as well as other body movements of playing with objects on a coffee table, might be phallic s

Playing With A Straw

Objects For Establishing Physical Contact

In the following picture you can see a woman who is taking interest in the man's ring.

Using Objects To Create Physical Contact

Playing With The Hair And Rolling The Eyes

This body movement is a sign of boredom.

Playing With The Hair And Rolling The Eyes

Self Hug

Self Hug and crossing hands are body movements that symbolize defensiveness, maybe against what have been said or maybe about a certain future event.


Body Language Of Men And Women

Body language can be different for persons, cultures and even genders. body language of women is completely different from the body language of men.


A Straight Finger Across The Cheek

This woman's body movement, of A Straight Finger Across The Cheek, means she is busy thinking negative thoughts about your conversation.

Straight Finger On The Cheek

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