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Eye Contact And Eyes Direction

Eye Contact And Eyes Direction have always been one of the important ways to make eye contact with women, a boss etc. the way we make eye contact tells a lot about us.

Eye Contact - Looking Directions

Dominant Look

Dominant Look represents a dominant approach to communication. this type of look, in addition to making eye contact, is typical of confident and authoritative people.

Dominant Look - Staring

Facial Expressions

body language is one of the major ways in which we communicate with our surroundings.


Leaning Towards The Knees

A sitting position of Leaning Towards The Knees, signifies resistance and even challenging the other person and trying to provoke him.

Leaning Towards The Knees

Dilated Pupils

Dilated Pupils can happen for many reasons. in the dark, the pupils dilate in order to help us see better. during daylight, our pupils become small again.

Dilated Pupils

Looking Up

Looking Up dominantly is usually related to an attitude of authority figures, which might make us feel afraid and even admiration.

Looking Up

Examining The Other Sex

Scanning with the eyes, from the bottom up and vice versa.


Looking Down And Away

Looking Down And Away is a body movement that represents surrender and lack of confidence.

Looking Down And Away

Direction Of The Eyes

Direction Of The Eyes, in relation to body language, can represent different feelings, thoughts, lies, intimacy, openness etc.

Looking Directions

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