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Rubbing The Nose

Rubbing The Nose symbolizes doubt and suspicion, yet it might even represent a certain inner tension.

Rubbing The Nose - Liars - Body Language Of Liars

Holding The Head Up And Exposing The Throat

Holding the head up and exposing the neck are body movements that signify arrogance and snoberry.

Head Tilting And Neck Exposure

Touching The Nasal Bridge

Touching The Nasal Bridge, in particular when done often, might suggest a person is tired or nervous.

Touching The Nasal Brdidge - Facial Expressions

Hand Beneath The Chin

Hand Beneath The Chin represent concentration and listening. also, it might even suggest the person is criticizing what you are saying and objecting it.

Hand Beneath The Chin

Locking The Leg In The Shape Of The Number Four

Legs crossing is typical of men and people who are confident about themselves.

Locking The Leg In The Shape Of The Number Four

Hiding The Nose

Hiding The Nose, like when making a body movement of a fake cough, or maybe hiding the mouth with an object, is meant to make a pause before answering a question.

Hiding The Nose

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