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Men's Handshake

Men's handshake can be seen in a vast variety of situation, from saying hello to closing a deal. a handshake is a common body movement between people.

Men's Handshake

Handshakes When Meeting New People

Handshakes are considered an accepted social act between people, as well as in other situations, and they are intented to show a mutual respect between the people shaking hands.

Handshakes When Meeting New People

A Gentleman's Handshake

A gentleman's handshake \ a noble knight's handshake is that famous handshake from the movies, which a man uses to show respect to a woman.

Gentleman's Handshake

Objects For Establishing Physical Contact

In the following picture you can see a woman who is taking interest in the man's ring.

Using Objects To Create Physical Contact

Sign Language

Sign language is composed of hand movements, facial expressions and body movements without using any form of verbal communication.


Blocking The Body With The Arm

This body movement, of Blocking The Body With The Arm, helps us increase our confidence and display it.


Defending The Neck

A body movement of Defending The Neck is showing stress and an act of defence, an attempt to stop the flow of information.

Protecing The Neck

Fingers On The Chin

You went to a bar and your date for the night has her Fingers On The Chin, which means you just said something that made her listen to you, but also to d

Fingers On The Chin

Leaning Towards The Knees

A sitting position of Leaning Towards The Knees, signifies resistance and even challenging the other person and trying to provoke him.

Leaning Towards The Knees

Crossing Hands

Crossing hands is a body movement typical to people who take a defending position. the picture above displays a negative facial expression (that can often be seen in children).


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