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Holding The Arms While The Are Crossed

When you see a women who stands in front of you and holds her hands tightly, it usually means she is showing a lack of interest in her enviroment.

Strongly Holding The Upper Arms

Putting And Taking Off Shoes

When a woman takes off her shoes, it is a pahllic symbol that means she might be interested in the person she is dating, maybe in a pub or a coffee shop...

Putting And Taking Off Shoes

Holding The Head

You told you date something and suddenly you caught yourself holding the head? it might be because you said something you wish you had not said.

Holding The Head Between The Hands

Head And Neck Movements

By observing different Head And Neck Movements, we can notice different feelings experiened by people. for example, if someone is holding his head, he is probably a little nervous.


Refusal During An Argument

In the follwing picture you can see a body movement of anger, in which the woman is angry at the man, and he is trying to make peace with her.

Refusal During An Argument

Searching For The Necklace

When a Woman Is Searching For An Imaginary Necklace around the neck area, it might suggest she is uncertain.

Searching For The Necklace

Smoke's Blowing Direction

Blowing the smoke upwards


Playing With The Hair

Playing With The Hair is a common body movement, with which a woman can display herself in a different light.

Playing With The Hair

Stroking A Glass

Body movements of stroking objects in general, and stroking a glass in particular, represents a feeling of sexual attraction, and in fact these body movements are intended to creat

Stroking Objects - A Glass Of Wine

Playing With a Straw

Playing With a Straw, or stroking the glass, as well as other body movements of playing with objects on a coffee table, might be phallic s

Playing With A Straw

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