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Body Language In Dates

Dates are nerve wrecking for many people. will we find the love of our life, or suffer from another horrible date? when we go on a date, we try to look at our best.


Body Language Of Love

When we fall in love, our behavior instantly changes. we blush more, smile more and even change our body language.


Can You Use Body Language To Identify Love And Affection?

Body Language Of Love And Affection

Body language can also reveal feelings and emotions of affection between two people. a person in love will often try to get near as he can to the object of his love.

Hiding The Nose

Hiding The Nose, like when making a body movement of a fake cough, or maybe hiding the mouth with an object, is meant to make a pause before answering a question.

Hiding The Nose

Guarding The Neck

Body movement of Guarding The Neck might be typical of a person being defensive.

Protecing The Neck

What Is The Importance Of Body Language For Dates?

A date is similiar to an audition, in which each participant is being evaluated as a potential romantic partner, according to the first impression his makes.

Hand Wrapping A Hand

A movement of hand wrapping a hand is showing self confidence and satisfaction.

Hand Wrapping A Hand

Sketching And Writing On A Page

Body movement of sketching, writing, or drawing on a paper might seem as an act of boredom or a result of lack of interest.

Sketching And Writing On A Paper

Is There One Body Laguage For Men And Women?

There are a lot of differences between women body language and men body language.

Sketching During a Date

When a woman sketches on a napkin during a date, it might suggest that she is not interested in what you have to say.

Sketching During a Date

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