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Eye Contact And Eyes Direction

Eye Contact And Eyes Direction have always been one of the important ways to make eye contact with women, a boss etc. the way we make eye contact tells a lot about us.

Eye Contact - Looking Directions

Refusal During An Argument

In the follwing picture you can see a body movement of anger, in which the woman is angry at the man, and he is trying to make peace with her.

Refusal During An Argument

Playing With a Ring

Certain body movements, such as Playing With a Ring, a cellular phone or coins can represent boredom, nervousness or disrespect.

Physical Attraction - Playing With The Ring

Playing With a Straw

Playing With a Straw, or stroking the glass, as well as other body movements of playing with objects on a coffee table, might be phallic s

Playing With A Straw

Body Language Between Men And Women

Everyone has it own body language to express his unique feelings. we behave differently according the the situation, and we give different messages according to our state of mind.

body-anguage between-man and-woman.jpg

Body Movement Of I Am Going Crazy

This body movement is typical of people experiencing a stressful day, when everything goes wrong and there are a lot of things to do.

You Are Making Me Crazy

Self Hug

Self Hug and crossing hands are body movements that symbolize defensiveness, maybe against what have been said or maybe about a certain future event.


Body Language Of Love

When we fall in love, our behavior instantly changes. we blush more, smile more and even change our body language.


Can You Use Body Language To Identify Love And Affection?

Body Language Of Love And Affection

Body language can also reveal feelings and emotions of affection between two people. a person in love will often try to get near as he can to the object of his love.

Guarding The Neck

Body movement of Guarding The Neck might be typical of a person being defensive.

Protecing The Neck

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