Body Language

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Holding The Head

You told you date something and suddenly you caught yourself holding the head? it might be because you said something you wish you had not said.

Holding The Head Between The Hands

Head And Neck Movements

By observing different Head And Neck Movements, we can notice different feelings experiened by people. for example, if someone is holding his head, he is probably a little nervous.


Pulling The Collar

Pulling The Collar signifies an emotional tension, discomfort and often it is a sign of telling a lie.

Pulling The Collar - Body Movement Of lying

Stroking an Imaginary Beard

Often you can see in movies and tv shows old man with beards who scratch it, while they are giving themselves a couple minutes more to arrange their thoughts.

Stroking The Beard

Courses And Workshops About Body Language

today there are many Courses And Workshops About Body Language.

Dressing Styles

How do you dress? are you creative, or maybe conservative in your dressing style? dressing styles have always been a major way to attract other people's attention.


Signing Everything Is Alright

This Sign is known at some parts of the world, and even between professional divers, as a sign for saying Signing Everything Is Alright, im fine.

Sign Language - Everything Is Alright

Getting Attention With Body Language

Getting Attention With Body Language is a technique that might help you make other people notice you and be interested in you.

Getting Attention With Body Language

Body Language Of Babies And Children

Body Language Of Babies And Children is very differnt from the body language of adults.

Body Language Of Children And Babies

Body Language Between Men And Women

Everyone has it own body language to express his unique feelings. we behave differently according the the situation, and we give different messages according to our state of mind.

body-anguage between-man and-woman.jpg

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