Body Language

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Locked Fingers

Body movements of crossed hands and Locked Fingers, as depicted in the picture, are signs of feelings of doubt, defensiveness and criticism about what is happening.

Locked Fingers

Body Movements

body movements, in the context of body language, are intended to make a point or explain things.


Body Movements For Work And Job Interviews

Job interviews and Business situations can be very stressful, during which people have to deal with face to face meetings and body language issues.


A Straight Finger And A Thumb Supporting The Chin

A straight finger represent criticism about what has been said.

Straight Finger And A Thumb Supporting The Chin

Body Language Of Love

When we fall in love, our behavior instantly changes. we blush more, smile more and even change our body language.


How Can I Control And Use Body Language?

It is possible to control your body language and bring to consciousness all those unconscious body movements.

Guarding The Neck

Body movement of Guarding The Neck might be typical of a person being defensive.

Protecing The Neck

Hand Wrapping A Hand

A movement of hand wrapping a hand is showing self confidence and satisfaction.

Hand Wrapping A Hand

Is There One Body Laguage For Men And Women?

There are a lot of differences between women body language and men body language.

What Is Body Language?

Body language is a general terms for hand movements, body movements, facial expressions and body postures expressed by people, whether consciously or unconsciously

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