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Holding The Arms While The Are Crossed

When you see a women who stands in front of you and holds her hands tightly, it usually means she is showing a lack of interest in her enviroment.

Strongly Holding The Upper Arms

Searching For The Necklace

When a Woman Is Searching For An Imaginary Necklace around the neck area, it might suggest she is uncertain.

Searching For The Necklace

A Woman Hiding Her Mouth

When you see A Woman Hiding Her Mouth, you should begin suspecting.

A Woman Hiding Her Mouth

Playing With The Hair

Playing With The Hair is a common body movement, with which a woman can display herself in a different light.

Playing With The Hair

A Gentleman's Handshake

A gentleman's handshake \ a noble knight's handshake is that famous handshake from the movies, which a man uses to show respect to a woman.

Gentleman's Handshake

Objects For Establishing Physical Contact

In the following picture you can see a woman who is taking interest in the man's ring.

Using Objects To Create Physical Contact

Body Language Between Men And Women

Everyone has it own body language to express his unique feelings. we behave differently according the the situation, and we give different messages according to our state of mind.

body-anguage between-man and-woman.jpg

Taking Off The Hair Band

Taking Off The Hair Band and, just as playing with the hair and using different objects, are actions that are intended to display the woman in an

Taking Off The Hair Band

You Are Driving Me Crazy

Im going crazy - the funny edition.

You Are Making Me Crazy

Dropped Shoulder Suspender As a Provocative Act

A woman's dropped shoulder suspender might understood as an erotic statement, as is she is ready to take her clothes off.

Loose Shoulder Suspender

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