Nonverbal Communication

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Raised Eyebrow

Raised Eyebrow, according to body language experts, represent skepticism and a lack of trust towards the other person.

Raised Eyebrow

Crossed Fingers

Crossed Fingers signifies a certain level of doubt, criticism and even disagreement. a body movement of locking the fingers tightly is often related to feelings of doubt.

Crossed Fingers

Israeli Body Language

Cultures differ in language, food, beliefs and body language. body language and sign language in one culture can be understood by a foreign culture in a different way altogether.


Hiding The Nose

Hiding The Nose, like when making a body movement of a fake cough, or maybe hiding the mouth with an object, is meant to make a pause before answering a question.

Hiding The Nose

How Can I Improve My Body Language?

There are many courses and workshops that will enable you to develop self awareness to your body language.

What Is Body Language?

Body language is a general terms for hand movements, body movements, facial expressions and body postures expressed by people, whether consciously or unconsciously

Body Language Workshops

Body Language Workshops are intented for people wh are searching for ways to improve they Body Language for different purposes, such as: creating a positive first impression, succe

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