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Looking Down And Away

Looking Down And Away is a body movement that represents surrender and lack of confidence.

Looking Down And Away

Blocking The Entire Body With A Part Of The Body

Blocking The Entire Body With A Part Of The Body, or other body movements and body language of a withdrawn body, is often typical of people who tend to be defensive.

Blocking The Entire Body With A Part Of The Body

Self Hug

Self Hug and crossing hands are body movements that symbolize defensiveness, maybe against what have been said or maybe about a certain future event.


Stroking The Chin

Stroking The Chin might occur as an attempt by a woman on a date to buy some time.

Stroking The Chin

Body Language In Dates

Dates are nerve wrecking for many people. will we find the love of our life, or suffer from another horrible date? when we go on a date, we try to look at our best.


What Is The Importance Of Body Language For Dates?

A date is similiar to an audition, in which each participant is being evaluated as a potential romantic partner, according to the first impression his makes.

Is There One Body Laguage For Men And Women?

There are a lot of differences between women body language and men body language.

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