Self Confidence

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Looking Down And Away

Looking Down And Away is a body movement that represents surrender and lack of confidence.

Looking Down And Away

Dropped Shoulder Suspender As a Provocative Act

A woman's dropped shoulder suspender might understood as an erotic statement, as is she is ready to take her clothes off.

Loose Shoulder Suspender

Locking The Leg In The Shape Of The Number Four

Legs crossing is typical of men and people who are confident about themselves.

Locking The Leg In The Shape Of The Number Four

Body Language In Dates

Dates are nerve wrecking for many people. will we find the love of our life, or suffer from another horrible date? when we go on a date, we try to look at our best.


How Can I Control And Use Body Language?

It is possible to control your body language and bring to consciousness all those unconscious body movements.

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