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Handshakes between people are a lot more than just a handshake. handshakes and hand movements can tell us if we are stressed, nervous, sure etc.


Drawing The Fingers Near Or Linking Them

If you are on a romantic date, and the girl in front of you is Drawing The Fingers Near Or Linking Them, you should know that even she is actively listening to you

קירוב או הצמדת קצות האצבעות - תנועות ידים

Doube Handshake Or A Wrapping Hand

A double handshake or a wrapping hand is a warm handshake which is sometimes accompanied by a tap on the shoulder, and is intended to show familiarity and intimacy.

Doube Handshake Or A Wrapping Hand

The Glove Handshake

The glove handshake is typical of public figures and politicians who want to make an impression of honesty.

Handshake - The Glove

Crossing The Fingers

Crossing The Fingers means a certain skepticism towards what being said.

the stronger the fingers are crossed, the stonger the resistance.

Crossed Fingers

Hands And Hand Movements

Hand movements are very important to our body language.


A Manager's Handshake

A handshake of a manager, a boss, a ceo and a diplomat might sometimes be a little arrogant, such as a handshake in which one hand is aboe the other hand

Handshake Of Boss, Manager, Diplomat

Handshakes When Meeting New People

Handshakes are considered an accepted social act between people, as well as in other situations, and they are intented to show a mutual respect between the people shaking hands.

Handshakes When Meeting New People

A Gentleman's Handshake

A gentleman's handshake \ a noble knight's handshake is that famous handshake from the movies, which a man uses to show respect to a woman.

Gentleman's Handshake

Body Movements For Work And Job Interviews

Job interviews and Business situations can be very stressful, during which people have to deal with face to face meetings and body language issues.


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