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Rubbing The Neck

Rubbing the neck, according to body language experts, is a sign of someone being angry or frustrated about something that was said during a conversation, a fight,

Rubbing and Touching The Neck

Holding The Head Up And Exposing The Throat

Holding the head up and exposing the neck are body movements that signify arrogance and snoberry.

Head Tilting And Neck Exposure

Head And Neck Movements

By observing different Head And Neck Movements, we can notice different feelings experiened by people. for example, if someone is holding his head, he is probably a little nervous.


Searching For The Necklace

When a Woman Is Searching For An Imaginary Necklace around the neck area, it might suggest she is uncertain.

Searching For The Necklace

Pulling The Collar

Pulling The Collar signifies an emotional tension, discomfort and often it is a sign of telling a lie.

Pulling The Collar - Body Movement Of lying

A Man Looking Down And Exposing His Neck

When a man exposes his neck, it means you got him interested about something, and that he feels free about they relationship between the two of you. the

A Man Looking Down And Exposing His Neck

Head Tilting And Neck Exposure

A women who is making a body movement of  Head Tilting And Neck Exposure is expressing her interest in what you say.

Head Tilting And Neck Exposure

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