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Body Language Of Men

Men and women have different ways of expressing body language. So how can we know the body language of men? In the same way. The signs are the ones that are slightly different.


Body Language Of Anger Between Couples

Body Language Of Anger Between Couples. this body movement can often be observed during or after a fight or an argument.

Body Language Of Anger Between Couples

Rubbing The Hands Slowly

Rubbing The Hands Slowly is a body movement mostly recognized with business or fraud intentions.

Rubbing The Hands Slowly And Thoughtfully

Hands In Pockets

Hands In Pockets represents a neutral body language. when there are Hands In Pockets, sometimes it means the person is indifferent or has no opinion of the situation.

Hands In Pockets

Pulling The Collar

Pulling The Collar signifies an emotional tension, discomfort and often it is a sign of telling a lie.

Pulling The Collar - Body Movement Of lying

Crossing Hands With Thumbs Up

Crossing hands is a body movement that represents defensiveness.

Crossing Arms With The Thumbs Up

Sitting With Two Arms Behind The Head

Sitting With Two Arms Behind The Head, what is also known as "sitting position of life is good".

Sitting With Both Hands Behind The Head

A Man Looking Down And Exposing His Neck

When a man exposes his neck, it means you got him interested about something, and that he feels free about they relationship between the two of you. the

A Man Looking Down And Exposing His Neck

A Gentleman's Handshake

A gentleman's handshake \ a noble knight's handshake is that famous handshake from the movies, which a man uses to show respect to a woman.

Gentleman's Handshake

Objects For Establishing Physical Contact

In the following picture you can see a woman who is taking interest in the man's ring.

Using Objects To Create Physical Contact

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