What Is Body Language?

Body language is a general terms for hand movements, body movements, facial expressions and body postures expressed by people, whether consciously or unconsciously. body language can be an agreed symbol, like saluting, or an unconscious movement, such as teeth grinding, eyes rolling or smiling.

By understanding body language, you can tell a lot about a person's mood.

When we communication, we mostly think about the words we are saying, but in fact we also communicate with nonverbal communication. body language is the professional term for communication with facial expressions, body movements and other forms of nonverbal communication. in nature, all communication is done in a non verba manner - only with body language.

Body language includes aggreed signs that are meant to express feelings or intentions, suich as a salute, a nod or waving goodbye. each culture has its own unique body language. a hand movement that means "wait a moment", identified with israeli people, will not be recognized in other countries.

Body language also includes unconscious movements, that reveal a person's thoughts or mood. biting nails can signify nervousness, touching the lips might mean a sexual interest and leaning toward a person suggest concentration and interest.

Being aware to different types of body language might help us introduce ourselves more effectively and communicate with our enviroment in a nonverbal manner.