Body Movements

תנועות גוף

body movements, in the context of body language, are intended to make a point or explain things.


when we talk or communicate with other people in a nonverbal manner, we use a wide variety of body movements. these body movements can be conscious and intended or unconscious.

body movements can often unconsciously give away our real intention or our real mood and even be in contrast with our words. a person we express sadness with his words, while smiling wide, will be less convincing to us.


great speakers are those who, in addition to their verbal skills, can match their words with the correct body movements, and thereby enhancing their message to their listeners.

in a job interview, in relationships or dates body movements that do not match our words can be a big obstacle and even make a negative first impression. it is highly recommended to match our body movements to our intentions and words.

everyone can learn about body movements.  there are many courses, books and websites that can teach you about body movementsm, and their meaning, and that can help anyone improve his body language and the way he presents himself in front of other people.