Body Language Course

Body Language Course

Body language is one of our major forms of communication, whether consciously or unconsciously. according to researches, 50% of the messages we transmit are through the body, 40% thorugh our tone of voice and only 10% through the words we speak.

That is why it is important to be aware of our body language. one way to learn about our body language, and the messages we transmit, is a body language course. a body language course allows you the opportunity to learn about body movements, facial expressions and body language in general, in addition to different methods of reading body language and different ways of developing awareness to the people around us.

a body language course can be very beneficial. in our competitive world, interpersonal communication is of the utmost importance. we can use it to understand our business partners or the real intentions of the people in our life. in addition, the language of th body is very important to intimate relationships.

Body Language Courses and Workshops

Body language courses and workshops gives us tools to understand the body language of our partners, whether the are romantic or business partners, and to read it more easily. in addition, a body language course helps us to understand the messages people transmit consciously or unconsciously, and take advantage of them.

Nonverbal Communication Workshop

a nonverbal communication workshop also includes observing others and learning through personal experience and our personal body language. in that process, a person is able to receive a constructive critique of his body language, as well as practical tools to improve it.