Body Language Of Men

Men and women have different ways of expressing body language. So how can we know the body language of men? In the same way. The signs are the ones that are slightly different. Men and women are different beings but made to be complementary. Based on the principle that opposite attract, men and women have it in their nature to behave like coming from different worlds. However, this seems to be the key for success. Not matter how different we seem to be, men will always be attracted by women and the other way around. If you want things to be simpler for you, and especially if you are a woman, knowing the particularities of men body language can turn to be useful.

understanding body language

For instance, if he puts a half smile, it can mean that there are no serious intentions in that guy. When a man like someone, he will raise and lower his eyebrows, wrinkling his forehead in the same time. However, this is a sign hard to find as it happens in a flash of a second. If he is reaching for his belt or pockets, it is a clear sign that he is proud of his manhood and wants you to notice also. Prolonged eye contact, more than five seconds, even if it may look sincere, it can only be a seductive technique. A large smile with his mouth shut can mean he like you. So you see, there are signs everywhere, just keep your eyes opened and be ready to catch them.

Let's turn to signals given by posture. If you spot him standing, or sitting, with his feet having the toes pointing to each other can be a sign of insecurity. It is not a bad signal, maybe he like you, but needs some reassuring from you that you have the same feelings for him, as a smile or sweet glimpse. If you see a guy's head tilt, then this is a chance for you. It signifies the fact that he like you, so if you feel the same for him you have all the reasons to go for it. Certain men present a grin, with one of the mouth's corner, raised higher than the other, like the face of a naughty child. Now this can represent a challenge for you, as this type of men appreciate a bit of the chase. Here is a sign that will never fail you. When a man wants you bad, he will sit in front of you, with the pelvis facing you, and legs spread a little. It is a position that comes by instinct and in most of the cases they do not even know they do it, so it is a sure one.

men body language

So the behavioral habits of men are quite fascinating, but useful in the same time. For women, it saves that lost time trying to figure out if that particular guy likes you or not. Even if the signs are not always the way you want, at least you will know not to waste your time anymore. Better luck with someone else, who transmits the right signals.