Body Language Of Men And Women

Body language can be different for persons, cultures and even genders. body language of women is completely different from the body language of men.

Women use different body movement and facial expressions to express themselves. a man who is skilled in reading women body language can reduce the chances of him being rejected by women in a night club or a bar.

Touching The Hair

Body language of women includes a lot of playing with the hair. when women gently touch their hair, they actually flirt and show interest in the person they are talking with. in contrast, a nervous playing with the hair will generally signify nervousness or embarassment.

 Hand Movements

Women body language, in contrast to men body language, includes gentle hand movements as a part of their courting games. women who gently stroke their glass or other objects are expressing sexual interest. in contrast, women who nervously tap on the glass or the table are expressing nervousness or boredom.

Facial Expressions

Body langauge of women is also unique in lips movements. a women who licks her lips is attracting attention in order to seduce, and a woman who nervously bites her lips is usually nervous or not interested.