Body Language Of Walking And Standing

Body language of walking and standing is a body language we use constantly. 

What is are walking style? do we walk fast or take small steps? what is our dressing style? do we dree in a careless manner or do we try to look at our best? are we full of confidence or scared as never before? those are some of the questions we have to deal with, regarding the topic of body language of people, when they are standing in front of us or walking besides us.

We all had to deal with having to lecture in front of 50 people. most people will not feel comfortable, and it will be seen in their body language. they might stand unstably, with shaking legs, a hesitant walking style etc..

The good new is that it all can be fixed, because body language of standing and walking is can be changed, if you are aware of your mistakes. lecturing in front of people is only one example of many situations in which our body language is showing what we feel inside. we can try to hide our feelings, but our body language do not lie. in fact, body language is more precide and reliable than a lies detector. once you will have the tools and awareness to understand the body language of other people, you will be able to understand a lot of things about your behavior, and maybe even change your standing or walking style in different situations.