Dressing Styles

How do you dress? are you creative, or maybe conservative in your dressing style? dressing styles have always been a major way to attract other people's attention.

It can be a loose suspender as a provocative act, or other accessories that will make you drool or look away. dressing styles are different for men and women. a man who wants to make a strong impression in a job interview will try his best to dress according to the style the job requires.

At the beach, the dressing styles can be anything from bikini and thongs for women, and shorts for men. do not be mistaken, every woman you see has taken her time when deciding on what to wear on that particular day.

Dressing styles in different forms affect the way we conceive the person. some accessories usually make us feel attraction, while other make us feel differently. boots, short skirts and other accessories create in us a state of attraction.

The better you will know how to dress, the better you will be able to control what others think of you. you can dress in a provocative, clever or conservative manner, but the bottom line is that you must understand the strong influence clothes has on the people around you.

ככל שתיטיבו לדעת להתלבש טוב יותר תוכלו לשלוט במה שתרצו שיחשבו עליכם. תוכלו להתלבש בצורה פרובוקטיבית, שמרנית,מ מתחכמת, שובבה אבל השורה התחתונה שתבינו את המשמעות העמוקה שיש ללבוש שלכם על האנשים בסביבה.