Facial Expressions

body language is one of the major ways in which we communicate with our surroundings. our body language includes hand movements, body movements and postures, facial expressions and many others. facial expressions are one of the biggest components of our body language, and it is used to communicate our feelings to other people. facial expressions include face movements, eye movements, smiles and our expressions.

There's a conscious body language, which we control with our will, whether to express sincere feelings or to fake a feelings we want other people to think we feel. for example, when we want to fake interest in the person in front of us, we will try to keep eye contact as much as possible, though we are not really interested.

There are also facial expressions that are unconscious. there are expression that it is hard, and even impossible, to control, such as eye movements, dilation of pupils, blushing or small twitches, raised eyebrows. fo example, when we are embarrassed we blush, even if we do not want to or try to hid it, and a person who lies has a hard time to make eye contact with the person he is lying to, that is why it will be easy to read his face.

There are courses and workshops that teach how to control head and neck movements, how to read other people's body language, and therfore improve ability to understand other people's real intentions.