Hands And Hand Movements

Hand movements are very important to our body language. although they are not body language experts, many people know that Handshakes can make a position (or a negative) impression on a person.

Body movements of the shoulders, as well as other body movements of the arms, are only a small part of a wide variety of hand movements that help us express our feelings in front of other people.

There are hand movements that express fear, and others that express confidence. there are also hand movements that express attraction or joy etc. in fact, hand movements are a part of sign language, a language which we speak constantly.

At a job interview, for example, our handshake with the interviewer is of the utmost importance. is it a weak handshake, or a strong and confident one? and what about our shoulders, are they dropped or raised proudly? our body movements do not lie, they just externalize our feelings.

The importance of hands and hand movements

Many are not even aware to the meaning of sign language in general, and of hand movements in particular. this is a big mistake, because a wrong hand movement can be understood as an insult or contempt, and that is why we must be aware to the influence of our body movements on other people.

understanding our body movements and their meanings will help us to easily analyze other people's behavior. questions like: is she interested? do i attract her? will be seen in a new light, when you will learn to recognize and identify the various body movements and explain them according to the situation. hand movements are a tiny part of the topic of body language, and our body language search enginge will allow you to understand them easily.