Handshakes between people are a lot more than just a handshake. handshakes and hand movements can tell us if we are stressed, nervous, sure etc.

When we meet a girl or before a job interview, we transmit our feelings by the way we shake other people's hands.

Different types of handshakes

There is a hesitant handshake and there is a sure handshake, a warm handshake and a cold handshake. there is "a real man's handshake" and a manager's handshake etc. eventually, when we intend to shake someone's hand, whether for business or personal reasons, it is important for us to understand how handshakes influence people.

If you will go to a job interview and shake the interviewer's hand hesitantly, he will notice and the interview will be influenced by that particular hesitant handshake. we must learn to understand the different kinds of handshakes, in order that we will be able to notice how they influence other people.