how to read body language

how to read body language

Who would not have wanted to know how to mind read - telepathy? or to find out what people are really thinking about him? an easy way to do so is to learn the language of the body and body language reading skills.

Body language is nonverbal communication that a person communicates, sometimes unconsciously. through body language you can learn about a person's views and thoughts about different situation, in addition to meaning of his words. reading body language can be accomplished by observing body movements and understanding their hidden meanings.

Reading body language is a skill that can be easily purchased in courses or through web sites dedicated to this subject. these courses will teach you how to interpret body movements, in addition to a wide variety of ways of reading body language.

A person with a vast knowledge of body language can detect lies and hidden thoughts of the people around him, as well as understanding what a person in front of him thinks and unconsciously transmits through his body language in an almost telepathic manner.

A person with body language reading skills can also use this knowledge to be aware of his own body language, and thereby prevent himself from wrongly using his body language and revealing his hidden thoughts through it.

So how to read body language?

Most of us are not aware of the fact that someone's body can transmit a complex set of signs. Knowing the signs of an individual body has can help us tell in what state of mind or condition, that person is, even if in words they tend to show something different. No matter what you decide to say, your body signs can betray you in the eyes of someone who knows how to read them. You will ask why this is useful. Finding how a person feels can help you in improving the communication with him or her. Some people may find it difficult to express in words, so knowing to spot the signs that are talking the truth about them can be very useful in situations like this one.

Reading body language

Reading body language is also known as non-verbal communication. It is a technique used very much in today's communication. Whether it is used in a business environment, in personal dating or even inside the family, it can help you a great deal to find out how the people around you are feeling. Reading body language is not difficult at all. You just have to pay attention to how the body of a person near you stands. For example, the distance someone takes from you can say how comfortable that person is around you. Closer mean he or she likes you, while being distant means he or she does not like you that much, or feel not that comfortable in your presence. Head position during conversation can also give away some aspects, as is the head is tilted and accompanied by a smile. Then the person is either playful or flirty. If the head is pointing down, that person might be hiding something. Tilted head to the sides can indicate confusion or misunderstanding.

If you notice your interlocutor is trying to mimic you, trying to repeat some of your gestures. Almost like seeing yourself in the mirror, meaning he is trying to create a connection with you. Arm position is another aspect you can check out, to see if a person is transmitting silent messages. Someone holding the arms crossed can mean he or she do not desire any social interaction, have certain reserves or are not happy about his or her character or appearance. Of course, if it is freezing outside, a person might use this gesture to keep warm. So you should not misunderstand this particular sign. Hands behind the back or neck show interest in the discussion and that the person is relaxed. Keeping the arms on the hips, on the other way, shows a person that is being impatient, waiting for something or just tired. Keep in mind that a hand held in a close position, like a fist, is a sign used by angry or irritated people.


So you see, body language is like an elaborate book. You probably already think about the gestures made today by the people around you and what they mean, in relationship to your person. From now on, you will be able to see these signs and understand their interpretation, making the communication with others more accessible.