Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal Communication skills will improve your communication with every one around you. in fact, it is quite impossible to imagine our lives without basic interpersonal communication skills. every day we communicate with family, friends, co workers, bosses and strangers. our communication skils enable us to understand people and help them understand us.

There are many styles of communication, but they can be divided to verbal communication and nonverbal communication (body language). read on and discover some tips fo effective interpersonal communication, whether verbal or nonverbal communication.

Important aspects of interpersonal communication

Be honest in your communication

It does not matter if you attended a body language workshop or read a couple of books about interpersonal communication, honest communication is something that you cannot fake. if you are not honest, you can bet the person in front of you will soon know it. you dont need to be a body language expert to know the other person is not sincere in his words or intentions, because most people have instincts that help them read the person in front of them. so make your life easier, and just communicate honesttly.

Respect the other person

Most people agree that while conversting, your partner must know how to show respect. in fact, mutual respect is the basis for any efficient communication between people. if there is no mutual respect, how can you even expect a positive interpersonal communication between them? you must show respect to the other person, or else you are doomed to failure.

Learn to listen

Effective interpersonal communication is based on listening with respect and attention. that means you have to let the other person finish his words, even if you are dying to say something. you also should practice active listening, which basically means asking questions. that way you show interest in the other person and help him develop ideas. active listening is more than mere interpersonal communication skills. you have to ge to know your body language (nonverbal communication) and use it accordingly.


Keep your criticism to yourself

One of the biggest obstacles to better nonverbal communication is criticism. when you judge other people, you give them the impression that you think you are better than them, and know one likes to hear it. but if you want to show sincere respect, you must keep your thoughts to yourselves. if you simply must criticize the other person, at least learn to do it with the correct body language.