Israeli Body Language

Cultures differ in language, food, beliefs and body language. body language and sign language in one culture can be understood by a foreign culture in a different way altogether.

Israeli body language is very different from the body language of other western cultures. in general, israelis are more hot tempered compared to others, they openly express their feelings and they are more irritable compared to people in other countries. therefore israeli body movements and facial expressions will be more expressive and even aggressive compared to those of british people, for example.

Israeli body language is usually characterized by big movements and invading other people's personal space. israeli body language also includes a lot of hand movements. israelis are more prone to talk with their hands, and to use different body movements to express themselves.

In other cultures, the constant use of hand movements while communicating can be an indication of impoliteness and crudeness, even though it is an accepted behavior in israel.

Israeli body language also includes unique signs and movements that exist only in israel. an israeli who uses his fingers to sign "just a moment" will not be understood in othe countries.