The Language Of The Body

שפת הגוף

The language of the body is all those body movements, facial expression and body positions which we do consciously or unconsciously.

the language of the body can often give away thoughts and opinion of a person, and that is why you can learn a lot about a person through his body language.


therere are certain body lanuage symbols that express certain intentions or feelings. body language consist of conscious behavior, which is done on purpose, and unconscious behavior. we are saluting in respect, we wave goodbye, we point with our finger or raise our hand for a permission to speak. all these actions are a result of our want to consciously sign something.

in contrast, when we are sad we lower our head, when we are stressed we tap nervously on our leg, when we are happy we smile and when we are excited our pupils dilate. these actions are unconscious and uncontrolled body movements.

the language of the body can benefit those we are aware of its power. a person with a greater awareness of his body language movements will be more likely to succeed in a job interview, because he will present himself better and will make a positive first impression. a person who knows how to read body language of other people, can even understand what they unconsciously communicate and use it to his own advantage.