Body Language

Body Language

Body language is considered the most ancient language in the world. long before we started communicatig with words, we expressed our desires and feelings through our body. this is not a theory, but a fact of life: we used body language since we were babies, and we will do so until we die.


Body language is a rich language that inculde: body movements, sign language, head and neck movements, interpersonal communication etc. it is important to understand body language, in order to analyze it correctly.

knowledge of body language can help us with dates, job interviews, with our children and even to make a positive first impression on strangers. through body language we express our inner feelings. if we are embarrassed, hesitant, sure etc. we will signal it with our body language.

Body movements, such as head and neck movements, match our state of mind, so it is important to understand them deeply. body language also include sign language and interpersonal communication, and if we want to improve our quality of life, it is important for us to understand the different ways in which body language is expressed in our daily lives.

the more you will read books about body language, the better you will understand the subject and the easier it will be for you to understand this mysterious and amazing language.