Presentation - A Day In The Life Of A Man

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Waking Up

Our man just woke up,

and after a quick glance at the mirror,

he thinks to himself:

"look at these muscles, i am the alpha male"

First Cup Of Coffee

He goes to the coffe shop,

where he is free to relax and enjoy life

Hitting On A Waitress

After the coffee, he asks for the check,

and add his number.

she looked at him and said:

"no way, im taken"


A Job Interview

Our man is between jobs,

but he still managed to be six minutes late.

From the look of the first handshake,

it seems like he's not the man for the job.

Business Meeting

A business meeting, can you believe it?

if he closes, he will be rich in a third world country!


Our man is quite the businessman,

but he hesitated and almost got set up.

He also scratched his nose, fixed his collar, and couldn't handle his own lies.


The Date Begins

A blindate at the local pub,

our man comes all dressed up.

the woman is sexy and smart,

after he opens his mouth and starts talking, she gets bored and wants to get going.


The Date Ends 21:55


When he finally decides to shut his mouth,

he tries to kiss his date.

she is not impressed by his tactics, blocks him away and starts walking.


After a long and tiring day,

he looks at the mirror and understands:

body language is important for reading people, job interviews and maybe finding love



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