Sign Language

Sign language is composed of hand movements, facial expressions and body movements without using any form of verbal communication.

Most people who use sign language are deaf or people with hearing impairments, who cannot communicate in a verbal manner.

Words in sign language are composed of various element, such as the shape of the palm,and the location of the palm in relation to the body. with these gestures, and others, people can identify words, and even the slightest change in one of these elements can entirely change the intended meaning of the person.

In addition the these basic elements of sign language, the word intonation is expressed with facial expression, which can signify a statement, a question or an exclamation.

Sign language is different in every culture. therefore, a deaf israeli who speaks israeli sign language will not necessarily understand deaf people from australia or africa. each culture and enviroment has its own priave sign language.

Sign language is an acquired language. it can be taught to babies in addition to vocal language. sign language can be learned in schools, courses or workshops for sign language.