Sitting Positions

Sitting position have a great impact on our body language. some examples of sitting positions are: sitting style, sitting, sitting arrangements etc.

Sitting positions are something we have to deal with every day: when trying to find a comfortable sitting position in a job interview, when we make sitting arrangements for dates etc.

Even at the university, we think about are sitting positions in class. in fact, a sitting position can say a lot about a person - is he comofortable, or maybe too comfortable? is he sitting in relaxed sitting positions or defying sitting positions? or maybe even stressed sitting positions?

Sitting positions are a part of the vast topic that is body language, with which we can analyze the behavior of a person sitting in front of us. sitting positions are logical, and the sitting style and, sitting position and sitting arrangemetns are not random, even if you are sure you did not choose them intentionally.

Our body externalize our wants and fears in such a way, that the other person can understand them even if he never read a book about body language.

The greatest advantage of a body language search engine is that you can find the meaning to any sitting position you search for.