Facial Expressions

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Eye Contact And Eyes Direction

Eye Contact And Eyes Direction have always been one of the important ways to make eye contact with women, a boss etc. the way we make eye contact tells a lot about us.

Eye Contact - Looking Directions

Dominant Look

Dominant Look represents a dominant approach to communication. this type of look, in addition to making eye contact, is typical of confident and authoritative people.

Dominant Look - Staring

Rubbing The Nose

Rubbing The Nose symbolizes doubt and suspicion, yet it might even represent a certain inner tension.

Rubbing The Nose - Liars - Body Language Of Liars

Holding The Head Up And Exposing The Throat

Holding the head up and exposing the neck are body movements that signify arrogance and snoberry.

Head Tilting And Neck Exposure

Rubbing The Hands Slowly

Rubbing The Hands Slowly is a body movement mostly recognized with business or fraud intentions.

Rubbing The Hands Slowly And Thoughtfully

Holding The Head

You told you date something and suddenly you caught yourself holding the head? it might be because you said something you wish you had not said.

Holding The Head Between The Hands

Head And Neck Movements

By observing different Head And Neck Movements, we can notice different feelings experiened by people. for example, if someone is holding his head, he is probably a little nervous.


Tapping The Head Or The Forehead

Tapping the head or the forehead are body movements of a person who understands he has made a mistake.

Tapping The Head Or The Forehead

Refusal During An Argument

In the follwing picture you can see a body movement of anger, in which the woman is angry at the man, and he is trying to make peace with her.

Refusal During An Argument

Touching The Nasal Bridge

Touching The Nasal Bridge, in particular when done often, might suggest a person is tired or nervous.

Touching The Nasal Brdidge - Facial Expressions

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