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Rubbing The Neck

Rubbing the neck, according to body language experts, is a sign of someone being angry or frustrated about something that was said during a conversation, a fight,

Rubbing and Touching The Neck

Supporting The Head

Supporting The Head is a body movement that represent a lack of interest and boredom.

Supporting The Head - Boredom And Lack Of Interest

Pulling The Collar

Pulling The Collar signifies an emotional tension, discomfort and often it is a sign of telling a lie.

Pulling The Collar - Body Movement Of lying

Courses And Workshops About Body Language

today there are many Courses And Workshops About Body Language.

A Manager's Handshake

A handshake of a manager, a boss, a ceo and a diplomat might sometimes be a little arrogant, such as a handshake in which one hand is aboe the other hand

Handshake Of Boss, Manager, Diplomat

Men's Handshake

Men's handshake can be seen in a vast variety of situation, from saying hello to closing a deal. a handshake is a common body movement between people.

Men's Handshake

Looking Up

Looking Up dominantly is usually related to an attitude of authority figures, which might make us feel afraid and even admiration.

Looking Up

Body Movements For Work And Job Interviews

Job interviews and Business situations can be very stressful, during which people have to deal with face to face meetings and body language issues.


A Straight Finger And A Thumb Supporting The Chin

A straight finger represent criticism about what has been said.

Straight Finger And A Thumb Supporting The Chin

Protected Neck

When a man protects his neck, it might mean that he is feeling threatened.

Protcted Neck

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