Nonverbal Communication

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Interpersonal Communication Course

Interpersonal Communication Course is the best practical gift you can give yourself or other people.

Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal Communication skills will improve your communication with every one around you. in fact, it is quite impossible to imagine our lives without basic interpersonal communication skills.

Walking With Big Steps

Walking With Big Steps, in contrast to walking with small steps, is typical of people with confidence who are sure in their way of thinking.

Walking With Big Steps

Nonverbal Communication

Nonverbal communication, or interpersonal communication, is something the can be seen through our body language, whether we are aware of it or not.

Cleaning Or Putting On Glasses

Cleaning the glasses is an indication of an end. usually this movement is made as a sign of ending a conversation, a business meeting, a job interview, a date...

Cleaning Or Putting On Glasses

Drawing The Fingers Near Or Linking Them

If you are on a romantic date, and the girl in front of you is Drawing The Fingers Near Or Linking Them, you should know that even she is actively listening to you

קירוב או הצמדת קצות האצבעות - תנועות ידים

A Closed Hand On The Cheek

A Closed Hand On The Cheek means interest, concentraion, listening to what being said.

Closed Hand On The Cheek

Searching For The Necklace

When a Woman Is Searching For An Imaginary Necklace around the neck area, it might suggest she is uncertain.

Searching For The Necklace

Smoke's Blowing Direction

Blowing the smoke upwards


Touching The Nasal Bridge

Touching The Nasal Bridge, in particular when done often, might suggest a person is tired or nervous.

Touching The Nasal Brdidge - Facial Expressions

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