Sign Language

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Body Language

Body language is considered the most ancient language in the world. long before we started communicatig with words, we expressed our desires and feelings through our body.

Courses And Workshops About Body Language

today there are many Courses And Workshops About Body Language.

Hands And Hand Movements

Hand movements are very important to our body language.


Signing Everything Is Alright

This Sign is known at some parts of the world, and even between professional divers, as a sign for saying Signing Everything Is Alright, im fine.

Sign Language - Everything Is Alright

Sign Language

Sign language is composed of hand movements, facial expressions and body movements without using any form of verbal communication.


Body Language Course

Body language is one of our major forms of communication, whether consciously or unconsciously.

Body Movement Typical of Hearing Impairments

Often people talk with people with hearing impairments or even deaf people.

Body Movement Typical of Hearing Impairments

What Is Sign Language?

Sign Language is using body movements, facial expressions and hand movements for nonverbal communication.

Cleaning Dust From Clothes

A woman who is Cleaning Dust From Clothes, or pretendng to remove fibers from her clothes, is not so interested in you or what you are saying.

Cleaning Dust From Clothes

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